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For the first time ever, Lyft has decided to launch a massive sign up bonus for new drivers in Los Angeles.  If you apply to be a driver for Lyft in LA, you will receive a $5,000 bonus if you complete 1,000 rides in 90 days.  With the bonus and the fares from driving, you would make well over $10,000 if you assume an average of $5 per ride.  Realistically you make much more than that on a single ride, but this just means you are guaranteed to make $10,000 from completing this ride requirement.

With the large bonus also comes a big increase in required rides, but the ride requirement is still manageable!  In order to complete the rides, you can simply do 12 rides a day, meaning you would finish the ride requirement in 83 days, just under 3 months.  You could even shorten this time frame if you decide to drive an entire day.

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If you’re heading out tonight to party, ride don’t drive!

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